Dr Siôn Wall


Siôn is our primary/ prep subject advisor.

He has been a Science teacher for 12 years and is currently the head of Prep Science at an independent school. Here he has developed, and oversees, a Science Curriculum for the whole of KS1&2 as well as teaching the KS2 portion. He has previously taught all three Sciences at KS3 & GCSE as well as Biology and Chemistry at A-Level and molecular biology and viral immunology to MD and PhD students.

Prior to teaching he was a medical researcher at Cardiff University School of Medicine for ten years, specialising on the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and how it interacts with the immune system. His research involved stints working in the Child Health and Obstetrics & Gynaecology departments of the University, as well as helping to tailor HPV vaccines to West African populations. As part of his work on HPV he often visited Sexual Health clinics where he saw first-hand how accurate information about sexually transmitted infections was critical.

He is passionate about science and its teaching. Sion believes that school is where our future scientists are formed and have their imaginations stoked. He is a firm believer that science is for everyone and is best taught ‘hands-on’ and as practical as possible. As a tutor for most of his teaching career he strongly believes that the school experience should not only be about academic learning but should be holistic –  develoing fully rounded, happy, healthy, people.