We offer a number of sessions around Substances for Year 5 -Year 13 students.
These sessions are in line with the latest guidance on Relationships, Sex & Health Education and there are lots of links with our work around Relationships & Bodies too.
We begin with medicines and legal drugs and then think about the law, why people use substances, how prevalent substance use is and positive social norms. We think about peer pressure and strategies for saying no and introduce the concept of harm reduction.
As students move up the school, we visit them again and again to develop more nuanced conversations around harm reduction, addiction and help seeking. We also think about substances in the context of the Next Chapter: travelling, university and the world of work.

We explore topics like Vaping, Addiction and Spiking in deep dive sessions, using interactive software where appropriate to gather student voice and to see what they already know.

Our work fully supports your safeguarding policy and provision. 

We liaise closely and discuss all content with you before delivering any work to young people.