“We have worked with It Happens Education since the company started. They are incredibly professional, responding to pupil needs whilst also ensuring that content is checked and agreed by a member of staff prior to delivery to guarantee it is tailored specifically to our own RSE curriculum, and is in line with the schools’ ethos. Safeguarding is at the centre of all they do, with relevant topics taught sensitively; they are a team of experts, constantly updating content to be relevant and reflect the social influences and challenges teenagers face, whilst remaining factual and informative. They offer complete transparency in their work and have been very supportive when working with our parent community.”

Amanda Whybro, Assistant Head of Pupil Wellbeing at Guildford High School

Delivering Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE)

For students, parents & teachers

Educating since 2005

Delivering Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE)

For students, parents & teachers

Educating since 2005

Why choose It Happens Education?

We are a team of RSHE specialists with extensive professional experience. We are qualified teachers, doctors, nurses, authors, inspectors and subject specialists who recognise that high quality RSHE is protective.

We are frank, straight-talking, open and honest; a safe pair of hands in this complex & sensitive space.

We are inclusive, non-judgemental and kind.
We don’t just say “No!” we say “It Happens… Let’s talk about it”

“At the heart of these subjects there is a focus on keeping children safe, and schools can play an important role in preventative education.” 

DfE, RSHE Guidance 2021

Our philosophy is to encourage young people to:

Seek out accurate information

Make informed choices

Be critical thinkers

Question everything

Be brave

Ask for help

Is your school looking for support with RSHE?

External organisations play a huge role in RSHE in schools.

We are currently supporting hundreds of schools: primary, prep, secondary, senior, single-sex, co-ed, faith-based, day and boarding schools across the UK.

We work with you to create a bespoke spiral programme to support your existing RSHE provision. We are here to enhance, not replace.

“Working with external organisations can enhance delivery of these subjects, bringing in specialist knowledge and different ways of engaging with young people.”

DfE, RSHE Guidance 2021

Find out more about our work in schools here:

Bodies, Relationships, Substances

RSHE Support Programme, Teacher Training

Consultation, Tips and Information

What is important to us?

Safeguarding is woven through all that we do, particularly informed by:

Keeping Children Safe In Education

OFSTED Review of Sexual Abuse in Schools & Colleges, June 2021

We offer an evidence-based approach, with a strong emphasis on:

UNESCO Comprehensive Guide to Sexuality Education

Department of Education RSE Statutory Guidance

UK Law is integral to our work in schools, including:

Equality Act 2010

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971

Sexual Offences Act 2003


We don’t just deliver our content in schools, we work and collaborate with many other organisations: