Laura White

Laura (BA, MA, PGCE, QTS) brings 15 years experience of working with young people in schools pastorally, academically and digitally to the It Happens Education team. Laura is a qualified teacher and began teaching Religious Studies and Philosophy at Ardingly College in Sussex, where she developed their “Eudaemonia” programme which helped students understand the power of decision making, character and choices for their futures. She was also a Resident Assistant Housemistress for a Lower Sixth girls house, which gave her a good perspective on the challenges young people face as they prepare for University life and explore their independence.

After many happy years at Ardingly, Laura moved to St. Catherine’s Bramley to run the Bronte boarding house, looking after the 11-13 yr olds, and helping them live happy and successful lives at school as they navigated academic, social and personal challenges. After several years in that role, she moved out of boarding to become Director of Digital Learning, PHSE and Thinking Skills. In this role she discovered a real passion for teaching inclusive and student-focused RSHE, training staff to find ways to use classroom technology to ensure that all students have a voice in discussion, and to facilitate reflection as the basis for good decision making. She is proud to work with Google as a Coach on their global Innovator Academy, which brings teachers from around the world together to solve problems in education in year-long mentoring programmes.

After 10 years at St. Catherine’s, Laura has left classroom teaching to extend her work in Education. As well as being an Associate with our team, Laura will also continue to focus on her PhD research and projects which aim to use technology for social justice. Having worked with It Happens Education from a link-teacher school perspective, she was keen to come on board as a speaker and have the opportunity to go on sharing her passion for PSHE, thinking, living well and making good decisions.

Laura advises It Happens Education on effective, safe and thoughtful uses of technology to support face to face and online workshops and lectures. She is really looking forward to continuing to work with teachers, students and parents to ensure that RSHE learning and delivery is outstanding as Statutory takes effect.