Augusta Samuel


Augusta (BA, PGCE, QTS) has been working with young people for 22 years in a wide variety of countries and settings and is a passionate advocate for their right to a safe and happy childhood and adolescence.

As well as teaching French, Spanish and English, she has worked closely with colleagues and young people in the planning and delivering of PHSE and RHSE and collaborating on projects to encourage students to develop their own voices both in and out of the classroom. In her role as Form Tutor, she has worked with her students to help them build the confidence they need to help them navigate the stormy seas of adolescence as they work to figure out who they are and what they want. She also understands that the hard work happens at home, so the more help and support available to parents and carers, the better.

Through her recent work tutoring young people who have been excluded from mainstream school settings, she has dealt with a wide range of safeguarding issues and has worked closely with her tutees in helping them to come to terms with the world around them, and this work has encouraged her to engage in work which can more directly help young people in the areas where they most need it. She strongly believes in the importance of open and honest communication in regards to RHSE and can often be heard saying that there is no such thing as a silly question.