Consent Workshops

Whilst we do not offer specific workshops on Consent, we can assure you that boundaries, permission seeking and communication will be explored by all of our Associates in all of our sessions. 

This starts with pre-sexual consent, as laid out in the Statutory Guidance “…pupils should be taught how to take turns, how to treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect, the importance of honesty and truthfulness, permission seeking and giving, and the concept of personal privacy. Establishing personal space and boundaries, showing respect and understanding the differences between appropriate and inappropriate or unsafe physical, and other, contact – these are the forerunners of teaching about consent, which takes place at secondary.”


As students move up through your school we can help them untangle the more complex issues around sexual consent as laid out in the Statutory Guidance. “Pupils should be well informed about the full range of perspectives and, within the law, should be well equipped to make decisions for themselves about how to live their own lives, whilst respecting the right of others to make their own decisions and hold their own beliefs. Key aspects of the law relating to sex which should be taught include the age of consent, what consent is and is not, the definitions and recognition of rape, sexual assault and harassment…”

DfE, RSHE Guidance 2021


Covered Topics:

Consent Culture at home

Consent and friendship

Bodily autonomy and consent

What happens when consent goes wrong

How Consent in current relationships affect future relationships

How people can actively communicate and recognise consent from others

How and when consent can be withdrawn at any time (in all contexts, including online)

How to recognise the characteristics and positive aspects of healthy one-to-one intimate relationships

Discussion of mutual respects, consent, loyalty, trust, shares interests and outlook

Laws relating to sexual consent including coercion & pressure

Consent, Negotiation and the management of conflict in relationships