RSHE Support Programme

“The RSHE Support Programme with It Happens Education was extremely useful and supportive. More than anything, the process was reassuring as it helped to highlight strengths in our provision.

We were able to update our policies and paperwork to more effectively convey the good work that was already going on. We were able to pinpoint realistic and workable targets in an achievable timeframe to further strengthen our offering and help with my workload.

We completed the process just before a school inspection was announced, and the ISI inspection team were impressed that we had taken the initiative to conduct an external audit and were interested to read the final report. Without a doubt, having all the data generated by this process facilitated the inspection process and I felt confident to answer any potential questions.

I would thoroughly recommend this process to all Heads of PSHEE; it is a great tool of reflection to enable you to ensure you’re meeting inspection standards, have a manageable workload with enough support and contact hours dedicated to the subject, and are providing the best provision possible for your pupils.

Ricky Alvers, Brighton College

What do we do?

Over 6 weeks our fantastic consultants, Louise Squire and Vicki Rae, will work closely with your RSHE Lead. They will support you to audit existing provision, review your policy and create an action plan so that your whole team are equipped and prepared to deliver the highest quality RSHE. They can share a wealth of knowledge and experience of what best-practice really looks like and over a period of weeks we will ensure you are headed in the right direction for Statutory RSHE.

How do we do it?

The 5 steps to making sure your whole-school RSHE plan is the gold-standard:

  1. Complete and submit an Initial Audit tool.
  2. Submit your most recent RSHE Policy for consultation.
  3. Your consultant will carry out a detailed review of audit and policy documents.
  4. Online meetings are set up to feedback the review of initial audit and RSHE policy. Strengths, weaknesses, and challenges will be highlighted, and next steps discussed.
  5. Your consultant will compile a follow-up report to include key outcomes and further recommendations. This will refer to:
    • Whole school approach
    • Cross-Curricula links
    • Staff training
    • Pupil input & student voice
    • Parental consultation on Policy
    • Planning & Resources

Your Consultants

Vicki Rae RGN/DN

Vicki is passionate about education and has an outstanding reputation as a pastoral leader, delivering pastoral care and youth mental health support in leading educational institutions for over 17 years. Joining Bradfield College in 2006, she has a wealth of experience in education, running a unique coeducational boarding house and dealing with the pastoral care of the pupils. As the first appointed Director of Wellbeing, she developed a bespoke Wellbeing Programme helping young people deal with the complexities of adolescence, in line with statutory RSHE requirements. Vicki has a special interest in mental health in young people, qualifying as an Instructor in Youth Mental Health First Aid. A previous Safeguarding Governor enables her to share her expertise at a strategic level, whilst also providing focused safeguarding training to young people.

An inspirational wellbeing champion, Vicki’s nursing background gives her a deep understand of the mental and physical development of young people. She offers a ‘whole school’ focus on supporting students, staff and parents, delivering training with both compassion and empathy.



Louise Squire BA/ PGCE/ QTS/ YMHFA

Louise Squire, BA PGCE QTS YMHFA, has worked in Prep schools for the last 17 years, most recently as Assistant Head -Safeguarding and Wellbeing. Through her teaching and pastoral work with children, she has direct experience of how the teaching of informative and reflective RSE impacts the safety and wellbeing of young people by providing them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be safe and happy as they grow and develop relationships. Louise has planned PSHE and RSE curriculums to reflect latest statutory guidance and has experience of developing a whole school approach. Louise has also been a team inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and is an accredited consultant through the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS). She continues to pursue her passion for wellbeing and mental health through continued study for an MSc in Mental Health and Wellbeing in Education.