Vicki Rae


Vicki is passionate about education and has an outstanding reputation as a pastoral leader, delivering pastoral care and youth mental health support in leading educational institutions for over 17 years. Joining Bradfield College in 2006, she has a wealth of experience in education, running a unique coeducational boarding house and dealing with the pastoral care of the pupils. As the first appointed Director of Wellbeing, she developed a bespoke Wellbeing Programme helping young people deal with the complexities of adolescence, in line with statutory RSHE requirements. Vicki has a special interest in mental health in young people, qualifying as an Instructor in Youth Mental Health First Aid. A previous Safeguarding Governor enables her to share her expertise at a strategic level, whilst also providing focused safeguarding training to young people.

An inspirational wellbeing champion, Vicki’s nursing background gives her a deep understand of the mental and physical development of young people. She offers a ‘whole school’ focus on supporting students, staff and parents, delivering training with both compassion and empathy.